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Some articles we like

Doocracy - our system of governance

January 03, 2023

Our friend Zarinah from The Embassy  writes about "Doocracy" a system for group decision-making "born out of the realization that consensus is expensive." Doocracy is how Zarinah's coliving community, The Embassy, governs itself and inspired how we at RGB governs ourselves. Not all is roses in a doocracy however. Beware the "tyranny of the proactive" .. more on that in her brilliant article.

Lessons from 3 years living in 4 communes

January 01, 2020

Our friend Gillian sums up the collective experience beautifully. 

"Commune life is never going to be perfect. Mistakes are made, feelings and people can get hurt. But what life doesn’t carry those risks?

What if you come home at the end of a long week and find a healthy, home cooked meal waiting for you? What if you want to make a lot of noise and your house has prioritized building a studio space so that you have the freedom to do that, no matter the hour? What if another resident brings home a friend with whom you fall in love and live happily ever after?

Every day, we have the option to stay in small, familiar, safe spaces, or expose ourselves to the possibility of something greater. There’s something satisfying in even the attempt. You may risk discomfort or disappointment, but you’ll never wonder what might have come your way if you’d left the door open."

David Brooks on "The Great Affluence Falacy

February 23, 2023

That notorious hippy David Brooks (NYTimes columnist) writes:

"There might be a Great Affluence Fallacy going on — we want privacy in individual instances, but often this makes life generally worse." 


Truth spoken from an unexpected source. 

Never set a goal alone: How 9 friends created a system to achieve whatever they wanted (for 3 months)

January 01, 2020

Mutually assured non-complacency is about helping the people around you be the best version of themselves. Housemate Kristen describes how we set goals and help each other achieve them

How we do finances

January 01, 2020

Not the most glorious, but keeps the communal gears running smoothly. Read about our philosophy and processes. 

Haight St Commons - A network of DIY Communities in SF

May 28, 2023

RGB is a proud member of Haight St Commons, a network of residential communities within a few blocks of Haight St in San Francisco.

Haight St Commons believes that human beings are not meant to live alone. We believe that community provides purpose and joy to modern life. We are here to help make this reality for everyone who believes the same.

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